FP100: No. 30

John Knox's pulpit
John Knox's pulpit

John Knox Pulpit

lt is not known whether the protestant reformer John Knox actually preached at the ‘pulpit’ in the West Lomond named after him.

John Knox’s Pulpit was, however, the scene of secret Presbyterian meetings during the ‘Killing Times’ in the late 17th century (the period between the Presbyterian Covenanter movement and the government forces of Kings Charles II and James VII).

The name is given to the eroded outcrop of sandstone on the southern slopes of West Lomond.

A large piece of the rock formation was deemed unsafe and destroyed in 2004.

Since then there has been further nature degradation of the site. As a result, there are now a number of large boulders precariously balancing on top of the rock face.

The path below the monument has since been closed.

Alternative access and arguably better viewing is available from the path on the opposite side of the valley.

Knox - who was born in East Lothian and attended St Andrews University - is believed to be founding father of the Protestant Reformation in Scotland, and of the Church of Scotland.