FP100: No. 38

The Shoppers
The Shoppers

The Shoppers

If you are a regular vistor to the Kingdom Centre in Glenrothes then you would have spotted the bronze statue of two old people.

The sculpture is called ‘The Shoppers’ and was created by town artist Malcolm Robertson in the early 1980s who immortalised two old friends in bronze for the striking and well loved statue.

Mr Bill Anderson, who was 86 at the time, and his constant companion, Mrs Margaret McQueen who was aged 82, were chatting in South Parks Home, a local residents home, when the artist visited and invited them to pose for photographs with the hope of creating a pice of artwork in the future.

Artist Malcolm then turned the dozens of photographs that he took of the couple into a glass reinforced statue of the two friends.

It was then turned into the bronze statue that we all know to this day.

Following the success of ‘The Shoppers’ statue, Malcolm Robertson, as the town’s artist, planned to turn more Glenrothes residents into artwork.

The bronze statue joins hundreds of other art work found in and around Glenrothes.