FP100: No. 39

Leven sun dial
Leven sun dial

Leven sundial

In 2011, after months of development, an innovative and unusual sundial was installed in Leven’s Festival Gardens courtesy of Leven Rotary Club.

The analemmatic sundial is one of only a handful in the UK and is unusual in that the ‘shadow’ for reading the time is created by the person standing in the centre of the circle with their hands clasped above their head. This forms the pointer allowing the time to be read from the shadow falling on the relevant time on the dial.

The sundial is designed to show the true local time by the sun. In the case of Leven being 3o west of the Greenwich Meridian, the true time is twelve minutes behind GMT (i.e. in winter time).

During periods of British Summer Time, the sundial will read 72 minutes behind the time on our watches. Alongside the sundial, an explanatory board illustrates how it should be used to read the time.