FP100: No. 40

Cat chasing the rat
Cat chasing the rat

Cat and mouse

The house at 11 South Castle Street looks like another unremarkable, if old, cottage.

In fact, it has two claims to fame - it was the home of the last of St Andrews’ fishwives Joan Clark, who died in 1927 at the grand old age of 75.

Joan, husband Henry and son lived in one room upstairs, the ground floor being the store for Henry’s fishing tackle and the barrow Joan pushed to sell her fish.

Look up and you see the second remarkable - if relatively recent aspect of this house. On the roof you can see a cat chasing a mouse ... however, it’s actually a rat that is being pursued, for, at some point a clay cat, chasing a rat, chasing a mouse, were placed on the roof.

Unfortunately, the mouse was blown off in a storm some years ago, but the cat continues to chase the rat across the rooftop.