FP100: No. 45

Tay Road Bridge Memorial
Tay Road Bridge Memorial

Road Bridge memorial

A memorial to the five workers who died while the Tay Road Bridge was being built in the 1960s towers to 50 feet at the Newport end of the bridge.

The obelisk also commemorates Willie Logan, managing director of the construction company, who was killed in a plane crash near Inverness six months before the bridge was completed in 1966.

A similar, but smaller memorial is located at the Dundee side of the bridge, the obelisks each representing the height of the piers at either end of the structure.

A road bridge across the Tay had been considered for many years before work eventually got under way in 1963.

Designed by William Fairhurst, the bridge required 140,000 tons of concrete, 4600 tons of mild steel and 8150 tons of structural steel.

It consists of 42 spans with a navigation channel nearer the Fife side.

Costing about £6 million, it was officially opened by the Queen Mother and, for four days, many drivers took advantage of toll-free crossings.

Viewing platforms, once a feature of the bridge, were removed in the 1990s.

The bridge replaced the regular ferry service used by vehicles.