FP100: No. 47

Black Death Plaque, Dysart.
Black Death Plaque, Dysart.

Black Death plaque

The Black Death also known as the Bubonic Plague, was one of the most devasting pandemics ever to have happened in human history.

Poor medical knowledge at the time meant that Medieval doctors did not understand the disease, and had limited ability to prevent or cure it.

So, when the plague came, doctors were powerless to stop it.

It resulted in the deaths of approximately 75 to 200 million people and was at its peak in Europe during the years 1346-53.

Closer to home in Dysart, a plaque was erected in memory to the 400 of Dysart’s 750 inhabitants who succumbed to the disease.

The marker was originally situated on the building called ‘Castle of the Guns’ which was completed in 1585.

The plaque was removed from the building when it was demolished in the 1950’s and was then relocated to the front of a new three-story block of flats.

Carved onto the plaque is ‘Give Thankis to the Lord’.

With Dysart being a busy seaport at the time, it is thought the plague was brought in by Scandinavian and British Sailors.