FP100: No. 48

Bronze Age cemetery, Leven
Bronze Age cemetery, Leven

Bronze Age graveyard

Many walkers were unaware of the importance of a large stone on which they would often sit to rest while walking from Holly Road in Leven to nearby Letham Glen.

But in 2002 it was found to be a 6000-year old neolithic marking stone placed at the centre of a Bronze Age cemetery containing eleven stone-lined graves (or cists) thought to date from 2000 BC.

The discovery, which was hailed by experts as the “most important archeological site found in Scotland for over 100 years” brought Tony Robinson and the Channel 4 Time Team to Leven for a programme entitled “Rescuing the Dead”.

The excavation resulted in the discovery of six incredibly rare prehistoric food vessels from Yorkshire, flint blades, stone amulets and contributed greatly to our understanding of Bronze Age society and burial ritual.