FP100: No. 51

Hopetoun monument
Hopetoun monument

Hopetoun Monument

Located on The Mount, by Cupar the Hopetoun Monument, or Tower, was erected in 1826 by the people of Cupar in memory of the British soldier John Hope, 4th Earl of Hopetoun (1765-1823).

The 29-metre high monument, which is visible for many miles around, takes the form of a giant Roman Doric column, and is protected as a category B listed building.

The inscription on the monument reads: ‘To perpetuate the memory of John 4th Earl of Hopetoun who died 16 August 1823, this memorial is erected by the inhabitants of Fife MDCCCXXVI’.

Prior to succeeding to the earldom, John Hope served at the Battle of Alexandria in 1801 and, later, in the Peninsular War (1808–1814) where he was knighted for his heroic deeds at the Battle of Corunna. There is another similar Hopetoun Monument on Byres Hill near Haddington in East Lothian which was built in 1824.

The summit of the Mount affords an excellent panorama due to the felling of the forestry plantation around the monument. The monument was open to the public at the most recent Doors Open day but due to its narrow construction can only take six visitors at a time.