FP100: No. 53

Balmerino seals
Balmerino seals

Balmerino Seals

While walking along the shore path beginning in Newport-on-Tay and heading west along the path signposted to Balmerino, you will come across wooden carved common seals lying on their stomachs on Balmerino Bank.

The statue was commissioned by countryside ranger Kate Morison on behalf of the Fife Coast and Countryside Trust as part of the extension to the Fife Coastal Path in the north east of Fife.

The seals were carved from single pieces of cedar tree by carpenter Pete Boucher, from Moffat, who has also created similar work which can be found in Ravenscraig Park in Kirkcaldy.

The seal sculpture doubles as a handy seat while taking a break from the coastal path to enjoy the views across the Tay.

If you look hard enough you can spot a seal or two swimming in the water or relaxing on the many sandbanks in the Tay.

This one of the reason why the seal sculpture was commissioned - as a reminder of the many different varieties of wildlife that visit the shores the length of Fife.