FP100: No. 54

Plough and the Reaper
Plough and the Reaper

‘Plough & Reaper’

The award-winning Fife artist Marion Smith was commissioned for this sculpture on the edge of Anstruther Easter.

It was Anster’s first ever public sculpture and Ms Smith was selected from a national search which produced 180 entries for the £25,000 commission.

Unveiled in 2009, the one criticism of ‘The Plough & The Reaper’ would be its location.

While it does enhance its somewhat lonely site, the sculpture undoubtedly merits a more central position where more could appreciate it.

Cast in phosphor bronze and whinstone, ‘The Plough & The Reaper’ symbolises Anstruther’s maritime heritage, with the top illustrating the moon, which controls the rise and fall of the tides, the plough constellation which sailors would rely on for navigation, while the base is seashells – a strong nod to the Buckie House.

When she won the commission, Ms Smith said: “I know this area and it will be really satisfying to create a piece which can make people proud about the place where they live.”

It does, and deserves greater appreciation.