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Henry Asquith plaque' Ladybank
Henry Asquith plaque' Ladybank

Asquith plaque

Herbert Hendry Asquith is remembered in Ladybank, where he was a regular visitor before becoming Prime Minister.

Asquith was elected Liberal MP for East Fife in 1886 and became Prime Minister in 1908.

A plaque outside the Masonic Hall in Ladybank commemorates his entry into Parliament and marks the speeches he made in the Kettle Road building.

The son of a Yorkshire clothing manufacturer, Asquith was a strong believer in free trade, Home Rule for Ireland, and social reform, which were all vital issues of the day.

He was quick to make his mark in the Commons and became Home Secretary under Gladstone in 1892, and then again under Lord Rosebery.

In 1908 he became Prime Minister, following the resignation of Henry Campbell-Bannerman.

He brought Britain into the First World War and formed a coalition in 1915.

Asquith appeared sidelined when he accepted Lloyd George’s suggestion that a small cabinet committee direct the war.

In 1925 Asquith was elevated to the House of Lords.

He died of a stroke in 1928.