FP100: No. 57

The Bull Stone
The Bull Stone

The Bull Stone

The Bull Stone which sits on The Green to the east of Leslie is a reminder of the burgh’s historic past.

The roughly shaped granite boulder, which stands around a metre tall, is a relic of the old pastime of bull-baiting which would have occurred at medieval fairs in the town.

Bulls would be tied to the stone so they could only move within a short radius.

The bulls would then have been subject to ill-treatment, most likely from dogs with the objective of immobilising the bull.

Deep grooves can still be seen in the stone today.

These marks are said to have been made by the ropes and chains that were used to secure the animals in place for the fights in days gone by.

The Green was a gathering place for the barbarous fights and games of strength and skill.

A Bill for the suppression of this blood sport was introduced into the House of Commons in 1802, but was defeated.

It was not finally outlawed until the Cruelty to Animals Act of 1835 was passed.