FP100: No. 60

Falkland mausoleum
Falkland mausoleum

Mausoleum, Falkland

The Mausoleum (or Memorial Chapel) in Falkland was commissioned by Lord and Lady Ninian Crichton Stuart in 1912 to commemorate the death of their son, Ringan who died in Falkland just a few weeks short of his third birthday.

The architect appointed was Reginald Fairlie whose family home was nearby Myres Castle.

As well as commemorating their son, the chapel was intended to serve as the parish church for Falkland.

Work commenced in 1913 with the foundation stone laid on July 5.

The work was scheduled to be completed by 1916 but in 1915 Lord Ninian was killed at the Battle of Loos.

His six month old son Michael became heir and work on the chapel ceased due to a shortage of both manpower and finances.

Some minor works have been carried out over the years with the latest being in 2012/13 when the fabric underwent necessary restoration.

Lord Ninian’s body is not there - he was buried close to where he died in France.