FP100: No. 66

St Andrew
St Andrew

A mystery St Andrew

Standing above shoppers’ and visitors’ heads in St Andrews’ Church Street - is the second St Andrew statue in our list.

Of this one, a lot less is known.

The statue stands in a niche in the building that is home to J & G Innes - the company that established our own St Andrews Citizen in 1870 from the site where the shop still stands, on the corner of Church Street and South Street.

Jude Innes is in charge of the business today and she was able to report that the statue was put in the niche when the building was refurbished in 1928 by her great grandfather.

Other than that, though, the statue is a mystery.

“I don’t know why it’s there, or who the sculpture is by,” Ms Innes said, “and I would love to know about the statue.”

So if you know the answer to the mystery, please get in touch.