FP100: No. 68

Adam Smith bust
Adam Smith bust

Adam Smith’s bust

He stands in the foyer of the Adam Smith Theatre, keeping watch over all who pour in for the venue’s mix of live shows and cinema.

He wore a mask when the Phantom of the Opera came to town, while a Raith scarf adorns his neck for the Hall of Fame.

The economist and philanthropist who was never more content than when in Kirkcaldy, would surely approve of the temporary adornments.

There are grander tributes to the world’s most influential economist -there’s a fantastic statute in the heart of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile - than a traditional bust, but it is an important landmark in a town he knew so well.

There is no doubt Smith walked the streets where the theatre now sits. He lived in the town centre, went to school in Kirk Wynd, Kirkcaldy, and many gatherings of the leading figures within the Enlightenment were held locally.

His book ‘The Wealth Of Nations’ was written here, and his love of Kirkcaldy is well documented in his writings.

He is a reminder of the influential role Kirkcaldy has played at home and abroad over many, many centuries.