FP100: No. 69

John Hunter memorial
John Hunter memorial

John Hunter memorial

In the grounds of Hunter House in Kirkcaldy stands an elaborate and upright bust and monument which covers the burial site of John Hunter who, it is rumoured, is buried in an unusual position.

Formerly known as St Brycedale House, the Grade-B building on Hunter Stree twas erected in 1785 and the illustrious names of Robert, John and James Adam have been suggested as its architects.

The original owner, George Heggie, sold it to Provost Patrick Don Swan who then sold it in 1886 to John Hunter, a Victorian cabinet maker, who remained there until his death in 1916.

He was buried in the gardens at the front of the house at his own request and he had also asked to be buried in an upright position.

The will also indicated clearly his wishes regarding the conversion of St Brycedale House to a ‘hospital for aged and incurables’ to be named ‘The Hunter Hospital’.

When Hunter Hospital was later converted into the sheltered housing complex it is today builders may have been able to confirm if Mr Hunter’s final wishes were carried out to the last letter: trenches came very near to the monument where he is interred.