FP100: No. 70

Skeith Stone
Skeith Stone

Skeith Stone

As you head along the coast from central Fife towards Crail, on the edge of Cellardyke stands Skeith Health Centre.

That’s not a traditional East Neuk name but it is important for that area.

In the field across the road, hidden during most of the year by crops, stands the Skeith Stone.

It’s barely noticeable and not really all that impressive but experts believe it could hold massive historic importance.

The carved boulder, next to a farm track south of Kilrenny, carries a design similar to those found at Whithorn, the Isle of Man and motifs in western Ireland.

It is also thought the stone signifies a link to the Pictish saint,Ethernan and an early monastic site and might have been a wayside marker to this. It’s true purpose is 1300 years gone, but the stone still intrigues.