FP100: No. 72

Distance Perspectives
Distance Perspectives

‘Distance Perspectives’

The Y shaped pieces forming the £25,000 ‘Gateway’ sculpture were commissioned by Fife Coast and Countryside Trust and installed on the Fife side of the Tay Bridge in 2004.

It initially provoked some controversy and was vandalised just months after appearing on a patch of grass next to the Newport-Tayport road. Designed by Shaeron Averbuch the sculpture is called ‘Distant Perspectives, Perspective Distances’, and was designed to highlight the Fife Coastal Path. The sculpture represents the colours and shapes of the FCCT logo as well as reinforcing the concept of ‘land, sea, sky and water of Fife’s rich coast and countryside’. When it was first unveiled some people described it as a “hideous eyesore” while others said they had no objection and everyone would soon grow accustomed to it.

Defending her work, Shaeron Averbuch said: “The concept behind this sculpture derives from the dramatic perspective views gained from the famous bridges situated at both ends of Fife Coastal Path’s 80 mile route.