FP100: No. 74

Seafield Colliery plaque
Seafield Colliery plaque

Seafield Colliery

It was the workplace of thousands of miners, its blue railings marked your arrival in Kirkcaldy from the Burntisland road, and its massive towers dominated the skyline.

But today, nothing is left of Seafield Colliery.

A massive industrial site - the deepest mine in Scotland - which once powered the town and gave work to entire communities, has been removed from the landscape.

The colliery opened in 1954 with a lifepsan of some 150 years. It was closed by 1988 and its towers came down in ‘89.

Seafield is now a housing estate - one of the most upmarket in Kirkcaldy, and, sadly and regrettably, no-one thought to place a marker in honour of the tens of thousands who worked deep underground in this most proud of mining towns when the estate was built in the 1990s. Instead, one small brown plaque marking the Seafield story is all that is to be found.

It’s on the railings of the playpark in Bowhouse Drive, and was put there by Kirkcaldy Civic Society and Fife Mining Heritage Society in 2004. Lord - Harry - Ewing - did the honours in a small ceremony far removed from the dangers of life underground ...