FP100: No. 75

Totem, Lower Largo
Totem, Lower Largo

Totem, Lower Largo

Walkers on the Fife Coastal Path have nothing to fear from the distinctive totem pole sitting in a garden in Lower Largo, overlooking the Firth of Forth.

Far from being the the creation of a fearsome local tribe with evil designs on ramblers’ packed lunches, it’s the work of local artist Alan Faulds.

It was inspired by a trip Alan made to Lithuania in 2006, where he came across tall wooden roadside structures named Roofed Poles.

“They were sometimes erected to commemorate a particular event,” Alan explained.

“For example, during Soviet control, a deportation of someone to Siberia might result in the erection of a Roofed Pole. Usually it would be swiftly removed by the authorities.”

The piece, which Alan named Malagan, after sculptures from Papua New Guinea, is made out of five separate sections of Scottish oak, recycled oak floorboards, and copper from an old hot water cylinder.

The finished article feasures brightly-coloured images inspired by the sea and mythology.

Properly maintained, the oak should last a very long time and the sculpture also benefits from a steel central core.