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Martyrs' Monument
Martyrs' Monument

Martyrs’ Monument

Martyrs’ Monument in St Andrews commemorates four Protestant figures who were martyred in St Andrews between 1520 and 1560, and highlights the important role that the town played in the Reformation.

Patrick Hamilton was first to be burnt at the stake, in 1527, after he promoted the doctrines of Martin Luther. Henry Forrest was executed in 1533 for owning a copy of the New Testament in English. George Wishart was burnt at the stake for defying the Catholic Church and Walter Myln followed in 1558, having advocated married clergy.

Ultimately, their cause prevailed when, in 1559, St Andrews Cathedral was sacked after John Knox preached an inflammatory sermon in Holy Trinity Church and Scotland became Protestant following the 1560 Reformation.

The memorial, overlooking the R&A, the Old Course and West Sands, was not completed until 1843 after a public fund raising campaign was held.

Architect William Nixon’s 10 metre tall obelisk was built with locally-quarried sandstone, embellished with a variety of carvings and inscriptions.