FP100: No. 80

Standing Stane on 'Standing Stane Road
Standing Stane on 'Standing Stane Road

Standing Stane

All is not as it seems with the ‘Standing Stane’ which is clearly visible from the A915 between Windygates and Kirkcaldy.

Contrary to popular local belief, the distinctive grey upright stone is not the feature that gives the well-known Standin’ Stane Road its name.

According to research, it was in fact originally a milestone, which at one time had the mileage to nearby towns, rather than a megalith with prehistoric value.

The real standing stone after which the main route was named was located about 150m away in a field at Earlseat between the A921 and A915.

Weighing five tons and measuring nearly two metres high and a metre wide by half a metre thick, the red sandstone monument was removed in 2004 for the extraction of coal.

Next to it was found a pit containing cremated human bone, and four further (damaged) cremation pits were discovered around 20m north east of the stone.

Carbon-dating suggests the stone was erected around 2000 BC. Tests on samples of the ancient stone apparently revealed the nearest location for that type of stone was in Perthshire.