FP100: No. 83

Sculpture of cartwheeling children at Cambo.
Sculpture of cartwheeling children at Cambo.

Cartwheeling children

The striking cartwheeling children statues give the impression of bursting with joy as they spring into action, legs and arms spread akimbo, at the walled garden on Cambo Estate, by Kingsbarns.

The two bronze figures are easily spotted doing their acrobats perched on top of a wall.

They are the work of English sculptor Alan Biggs, who has undertaken a wide range of commissions for bodies such as the National Trust and TV personalities like Noel Edmonds.

As well as the pair on the wall, others unexpectedly cartwheel across borders.

Open daily, the Victorian walled garden has a modern twist, with inspiring planting schemes, unusual plants and woodland walks down to the seashore.