FP100: No. 85

Dysart sea beams
Dysart sea beams

Dysart sea beams

Dysart harbour is a stunning landmark on Fife’s coast.

And at the very heart of the most traditional of harbours you will find striking blue and white poles - a modern, contemporary piece of public art

The colours match the sea and the sky, and fit perfectly in a harbour that remains busy to this day.

The beams stand close to the water’s edge and symbolise the masts of the schooner ships that were once a common sight in the harbour.

They were designed by Donald Urquhart as part of the Dysart Artworks project which was an 18-month long projec.

The beams are made of oak and vary in height from seven to nine metres.

Each beam was cut from a single tree sourced from a sustainable source in Perthshire and dressed to the specified dimensions in Fife. Their varying colours derive from photographs taken by local residents of the Firth of Forth taken under different light conditions.

The beams sit within a public space. It was one of a number of projects intended to contribute to positive change in the town.

Each work drew its inspiration from the coastal landscape and the specific site characteristics.