FP100: No. 88

The Wizard
The Wizard

Wizard of Balwearie

A picturesque woodland path network around Kirkcaldy’s Beveridge Park features a wooden sculpture of the Wizard of Balwearie.

It is based on ancient folklore that nearby Balwearie Castle had been the home of Sir Michael Scott, who was known locally as the Wizard of Balwearie.

The woodland paths became known as ‘The Wizard’s Walk’ due to their proximity to the home of Scott who served as a philosopher, astronomer and translator in the court of the Holy Roman Emperor around 1220.

Scott studied the sciences and went to the University of Oxford to study astronomy and chemistry. From there he went to the University of Paris to study Mathematics.

In addition to his academic achievements, the legend of Michael Scott includes many Harry Potter like episodes such as flying from Scotland to Paris on his black steed on a mission for then King of Scotland, Alexander III and the saving of a servant from a demon by setting the demon to work braiding rope from the sand on Kirkcaldy’s foreshore.