FP100: No. 89


Megaliths, Lundin Links

As encounters with golf course obstacles go, it certainly beats burying your golf ball in a bunker or losing it in a bush – we’re talking about ricocheting the good old big and dimpled white pill off a 6000-year-old megalith, positioned bang in the centre of the fairway.

That’s the hazard facing players at Lundin Links ladies nine-hole golf course (which in its own claim to fame is the oldest ladies golf course in the world).

And it’s hazards in the plural. The three sandstone obelisks, which vary between 14 and 18ft in height, stand in a fairly close cluster halfway down the second hole. There used to be another, which formed the fourth corner of a roughly rectangular array, but it lay collapsed and broken by the end of the 18th century, and vanished altogether in subsequent years as treasure-hunters made off with pieces of the rubble.

What they were erected for remains a mystery, but some form of pagan worship is the best bet, and claims have been made that they were deliberately positioned in alignment with local hills.

Or maybe they are all that remains of a stone age golf course club house!