FP100: No. 92

The Great Marquess, Thornton
The Great Marquess, Thornton

Train sculpture

Thornton Junction Station, not to be confused with Glenrothes for Thornton Station in the village, was opened on September 19, 1847 by Edinburgh and Northern Railway.

It was renamed Thornton Junction Station by the London and North Eastern Railway on July 1, 1923, and was finally closed to regular traffic by British Railways on October 6, 1969.

Both main and branch lines remain in regular use by passenger traffic.

Thornton station was the main hub for trains in Fife before it closed and was the starting point of the ill fated train that crashed into Kirkcaldy harbour in 1954 due to a brakes failure.

The Glenrothes with Thornton Station that we know today replaced both the Thornton Junction and the Thornton Rail Freight Depot which was originally opened in 1956, in connection with the nearby Rothes Colliery

Geological problems could not be overcome at the time and the Rothes Colliery was never opened.

The wrought iron sculpture situated on Station Road, Thornton is a reminder of the time that this small village was a major part in railways in Fife and across the east coast of Scotland.