FP100: No. 93

Blythe's Tower
Blythe's Tower

Blythe’s Tower

On top of Redwells Hill to the north of Kinglassie, stands Blythe’s Tower.

Built in 1812, by an eccentric linen merchant from Leith.

The idea behind the tower was to allow him to observe the cargo ships arriving in the Forth so he could get the pick of the best linen.

The interior was originally floored with an observation platform on the very top of the tower offering views across the Kingdom.

The Tower, also known as Blythe’s Folly, stands at approximately 54ft high, and was built of random rubble with ashlar string courses and a crenellated parapet. It is currently a category B listed building owned by Historic Scotland.

The tower also played a major part during World War Two.

Because of its height and hidden viewing platform it was used as a perfect look out tower until the end of the war.

The tower is also associated with a phantom visitor.

It is haunted by a young girl thought to be from the war era.

Not much else is known about the ghostly figure apart from she is often seen around the outside of the tower searching as though she is looking for something.