FP100: No. 96

Stone circle at Balfarg
Stone circle at Balfarg

Balfarg henge stones

Once an untouched site of historical significance, the Balfarg Henge stones are now surrounded by houses.

Although there was once several stones there, only two remain at the site which is in the north of Glenrothes.

It is thought the site itself dates back more than 6000 years, when pits were dug and pottery sherds placed in them. It was not until later that around 16 timber posts were erected within the ditch which measured about 60 meters across.

The stones were added later, and while only one of those remains, the other stone is thought to have been a marker stone put there to signal the entrance to the site.

Although the original timber markers are long gone, new timber posts have been erected to symbolise where the historical markers would have been.

And in the middle of the site, a flat stone can be seen, which was the marker for a burial which took place around 2000BC.

When the grave was excavated, the man was found to have been buried with a potted beaker and flint knife.

It is thought the Balbirnie Henge was erected around the same time.