A LONG-standing St Andrews councillor has become the first woman to be appointed Provost of Fife.

Councillor Frances Melville, who has been a councillor for 27 years, was unanimously elected to the post of provost at last Thursday's meeting of the newly former SNP/Liberal Democrat-led Fife Council.

The new position means she is both the civic head of Fife and the chairman of Fife Council.

Councillor Melville told the Citizen she had been completely overwhelmed by the "surprise" appointment.

In her acceptance speech, she told fellow councillors that she hoped to represent the people of Fife as well as her predecessor, Councillor John Smith, who became the first provost since the title was re-instated in May 2004.

Councillor Melville, who lives in Cupar Muir, has been a councillor since 1990.

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