Freak weather batters the coast once again

Damage at the pier near to the Crusoe Hotel.
Damage at the pier near to the Crusoe Hotel.

COMMUNITIES have been faced with a second clean-up operation in the space of just a few weeks, after freak storms battered the coast.

North east Fife was hit particularly badly by the weather, which saw high waves crash into the shore.

Just a few weeks ago, roads were closed off following serious rainfall in the area.

The most recent damage, though, was caused by a highly unusual combination of south easterly gales, low pressure and high tides which impacted on the north and east coasts over the weekend.

Mike Thorpe, Fife Council service manager for structural services, told the Mail on Monday: “Fife was exposed to extremely high tides on Friday and Saturday, which caused extensive flooding and damage to sea walls and harbours at several locations.

“In Cellardyke, the walkway has been damaged and the end of the wave wall has broken off.

“We’ve closed the pier to the public and the area has been inspected by an engineer.

“In Pittenweem, the pole holding the Beacon Rock navigation light has snapped off its concrete base.

“This has been reported to the Coastguard.

“Several stones have also been dislodged from the top of the East Pier wave wall and the pier has been closed to the public as a result.

“Finally, in Anstruther, several tonnes of sand from the East Basin beach have been deposited across the public car park. A clean-up operation has been initiated.”

Slabs of concrete were lifted by the waves as the waters crashed during the early hours of Friday morning.

Readers also reported damage at Upper Largo, in addition to Pittenweem and

Transport Minister Keith Brown will be co-ordinating the response to the impact.

He said: “We know harbour integrity is an immediate concern, while we also need to understand the impact on businesses based around the harbours, including fish processors, and the broader fishing industry.”