Fresh as a daisy...

The Coaltown Daisies, Vivienne Bern (left) and Lynzy Moutter
The Coaltown Daisies, Vivienne Bern (left) and Lynzy Moutter

The excitement and the buzz from the ladies who go by the name of the Coaltown Daisies is infectious.

The duo, Vivienne Bern and Lynzy Moutter are clearly loving the fact they are able to do what they love - making music.

The pair recently took part in Montrose Music Festival, a weekend of live music in the Angus town, which was the start of a busy summer for the Daisies.

“This is probably the busiest long period we’ll have had without a break,” explains Viv. “We started building up to that and made it that way last year.”

“We wanted to get as many gigs in as we can,” says Lynzy. “That was our aim and it’s working well.”

“It’s like a mini Scottish tour,” Viv chips in.

“But we’re not calling it that!” her fellow Daisy laughs.

The Heidrum festival saw the ladies perform several gigs over the weekend and was a great start to their summer of gigs.

Viv (37), told the Press: “We performed two gigs on the Saturday; one on the main stage and one at the Neptune Bar.

“Both were absolutely brilliant and the audience joined in singing not only covers, but singing along to our own songs which was so lovely to see.

“Sunday was the Northern Vaults, another great gig with familiar faces from the Saturday and also a few people who had seen us last year and came back to listen again, which is a huge compliment.

“The atmosphere in the town was electric and everyone was enjoying the sun, the music and the friendliness.

“It was a pleasure to be involved again this year and we plan to go back next year again too, although we don’t have to wait a full year, as we have been invited to play a few gigs there later this year.”

Over the coming weeks the Daisies have a string of dates lined up culminating in a performance at this year’s Big Tent Festival in Falkland.

“It’s totally constant which is good, that’s what we want,” says Lynzy (28). “We have to learn not to get too run down though with so many gigs planned.

“We’ve pretty much had a gig a month recently, but now we have a gig every weekend for the next month or so.

“We’ve played in the Stag Inn in Falkland a couple of times recently and Sinky’s in Dunfermline. “And we played Crail Folk Club again - it’s amazing. It was one of the best gigs we have done.”

Viv continued: “It’s the intimacy of the venue, playing a pub there’s a great atmosphere, but you write songs for a reason and they tell a story if you listen to the lyrics, but that’s not that easy to do in a pub.

“But folk clubs are a listening audience who want to know what we are saying.

“If you listen to each song we’ve written you can put together a picture of our lives in the last three or four years.

“Still the biggest rush is the silence of 30 or 40 people in a room listening when you play a song.”

But despite the smaller pubs and folk club venues around the Kingdom which the Coaltown Daisies have played, these are not the most inimate gig they have performed.

“We’ve played a gig in someone’s living room,” says Lynzy.

“Someone was having a housewarming and their friend wanted to get them a special present - we were the present playing in her living room. It was really cool.”

However that intimate gig is at the opposite end of the scale from what lies ahead of Vivienne and Lynzy next month.

The Coaltown Daisies will play the Wee Shindig Tent at The Big Tent Festival in July and it’s a gig the duo are really looking forward to.

“We’re excited but scared,” says Viv.

“I’m scared something will happen and my biggest fear is I can’t sing.”

Lynzy continued: “We’re having the time of our life and having a ball, but our fear is not being able to do it.

“The fact we’re playing there [Big Tent] is beyond me. I forget how serious it is to get a gig there and do it.

“The musicians playing, like Salsa Celtica, Karine Polwart, Breabach ... there are so many great and talented people.

“The calibre of the whole thing and the fact we see our name on posters next to these people’s. It’s amazing.’’.

The singer-songwriters will have a lot of support at the festival.

“We’ll have a big group of people coming all with us. Our daisy chain we call them,” says Vivienne.

“It’s our friends and family who come along to support us.

“I’ve been up to The Big Tent a couple of times and it’s been great weather and it’s a fantastic atmosphere.

“We’re looking forward to it.

“Once the guitars are packed back in their cases we’ll be indulging in the whole thing.”

But it’s not just the Coaltown Daisies that is taking up the ladies’ time.

The pair are also busy working on their own solo music.

Viv says: “We both started the solo stuff before the Daisies and now we feel we’re at a place where we want to finish our solo albums.

“We’re both developing something completely different in our solo stuff, meanwhile we’re going out promoting our songs as the Daisies.

“If you were to have our solo albums on a shelf we would be in different genres.

“We have completely different styles as solo artists and together it shouldn’t work, but it does.

“It is working.

“We’re both definitely enjoying it at the moment. It’s fantastic and I’ll do it until I can’t do it any more”

Lynzy added: “This is, for me, what I’ve always wanted to do.”