Fresh new look for Kennoway

Bishops Court shoping precinct, Kennoway
Bishops Court shoping precinct, Kennoway

A FRESH new look for Kennoway’s main shopping centre moved a step closer last week.

Money was pledged by local councillors towards the final design for a revitalised Bishops Court.

Fife Council’s Levenmouth area committee heard the issue had been raised over many years by the Community Council, residents, councillors and police.

The area had been blighted by anti-social behaviour, while parts of the physical environment had fallen into decline.

A £15,000 contribution towards the project from the area budget was agreed.

Locality support team leader for Levenmoth, Stewart Christie, said there had been “quite significant investment” by the Council’s housing services in flats above the parade of shops, but a lot still needed dealt with, such as hard landscaping.

Some of the stone near the bus shelter had deteriorated and been used occasionally to smash windows.

The project for improvements had been driven to a great extent by Fife Police, said Mr Christie, with the area’s community safety officer, PC Kevin Russell, recommending a number of upgrades.

A report to the committee said Bishops Court sat at the heart of the community, with shopping, library and health facilities.

“In recent years, improvements have been carried out to the housing and some small-scale environmental improvements to the landscaped areas,” said the report.

“However, the remaining area of concern for both Fife Police and the local Community Council is the condition of the built environment around the shops,” said the report.

“Urgent work is required to improve the paving, remove old and crumbling planters, paint railings and improve the street furniture.

“Not only will this improve the local environment, it will improve access to the local services, shops and public transport.”

It was proposed to transfer the funding to Levenmouth Community Safety Panel, which would commission the work, given the role by the police, particularly PC Russell, in the venture.

The report concluded: “This work will give a lift to the whole area, making it feel safer, reduce potential for trip hazards and hopefully provide a boost to the local economy.”

Councillor Alistair Hunter said environmental upgrades would hopefully give residents the feeling of another push to reclaim the area and make it “a positive part in the centre of town, rather than a no-go area”.

Cllr Andrew Rodger added it was good to see the Co-op back in the precinct, as many elderly people still regarded it as their main shop.