Fresh plan following privacy fears at Leven

Leven Library and Local Office
Leven Library and Local Office
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THE RECENTLY re-fitted library and local council office in Leven could change again, following complaints about a lack of privacy.

One Mail reader complained to Fife Council following a recent trip to the library, when he overheard confidential details of a private and sensitive nature, including the individual’s name, age, home address, spouse’s name and reason for calling, during a staff member’s phone call.

He said such information could be valuable to criminals looking to target elderly and vulnerable residents.

He added: “I’m most certainly not the only one in Leven disgusted with the new set-up. Everyone I speak to feels the same.

“This ‘new arrangement’ places local residents in the situation where they are compelled to discuss matters of a private and confidential nature with council staff in public for everyone to hear.”

Services manager for libraries, arts, museums and archives, Dorothy Browse, admitted the set-up at Leven, which was introduced late last year, was not working as well as anticipated and said the project team would receive plans next week for a new layout, which would move the main desk away from the front entrance.

She added: “There are currently private interview rooms available which staff generally use for dealing with confidential enquiries.

“There are occasions where this can be difficult; for example, stopping a phone conversation to move into a private room. But we do have to get better about taking people into these private rooms.”

The exact timeframe and cost of the re-configuration is not yet known, although Ms Browse said changes could be completed in two to three months.