Fresh seeds sown over field housing proposal


THE field beside Cupar Road in Leven could be back in the frame once again for possible housing development.

Scottish Government reporters are looking at new land to identify for potential housing projects under Fife Council’s local plan for the area.

Residents in neighbouring Largo Road, whose properties overlook the field, are being asked by the Directorate of Planning and Environmental Appeals for their opinions.

Officials claim the land, at just over five hectares in size, ”could accommodate somewhere in the order of 125 houses”.

The site has been the focus of several previous controversial house building bids, resulting in hearings and public inquiries.

The local plan is required by the Strategic Land Allocation to identify ground for at least 1000 new houses to be built up to 2026, but Fife Council did not support housing on the site, as it was not designated for development and “significant brownfield opportunities are available in Levenmouth”.

However, in a new letter to householders, development plan officer Brian Archibald said Scottish Government reporters were compiling a study into numerous issues concerning the local plan - including the adequacy of the proposed housing land supply.

“Fife Council has identified new land for housing through the draft local plan to meet the area’s housing needs and demand,” he said.

“For a variety of reasons, including the current economic climate, it may take longer than expected for some of theses sites to provide new housing.”

Mr Archibald said landowners, developers and house builders, through their representations in response to the draft plan, have suggested a number of additional sites for inclusion - among them the field next to Cupar Road.

At least one householder has already protested against any proposal for housing, saying it would be detrimental to the area’s quality and appeared to be motivated principally by financial gain.