Fresh support saves community council

Eddie Young
Eddie Young
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A NEW desire to do good for the community looks to have saved Leven’s ‘wee council’ from the scrapheap.

New office bearers and several new members have joined Leven Community Council, giving a hoped-for new lease of life to the local organisation.

The group, which was formed around 1977, looked on the point of folding, after a motion to wind up was passed at its annual general meeting.

The resignation of several office bearers, an apparent shortage of replacements and a perceived overall apathy were among the reasons.

However, some members of the public turned up for what was intended to be the final meeting in June, to find out more about the community council’s purpose – so another meeting was arranged for Thursday of last week.

The outcome was a new secretary, Glenn Allan, and a new treasurer, Eddie Young, were appointed, along with a new vice-chair, while the group hopes to elect a new chairman next month.

Around five new members have also joined, taking the ranks up to a dozen or so.

Outgoing secretary Jack Carrie said the fresh wave of interest was very welcome, although it had rather taken him by surprise.

It had been a very positive meeting and the interest could hopefully be taken forward as the new arrivals settled into their roles, he added.

A few younger members had joined, which gave a good mixture of age and experience.

“Everyone was quite enthused about keeping it going and there was very positive feedback,” he added.

Mr Carrie said he had not expected the level of support displayed on Thursday but he was very grateful.

“Some members have talked to other people and these members have come forward to take part in it,” he reckoned.

“It certainly boosted up the morale of the present members and I think everybody is looking ahead to taking this forward.

“It was a good feeling to come away with – to see that kind of enthusiasm towards trying to do something within the community.”

Leven Community Council grew out of the mid-1970s reformation of local government in Scotland and has existed for around 35 years.

It meets on the last Thursday of the calendar month, with the next meeting due on September 27 at Scoonie Bowling Club.