Fringe benefits for Fife youth theatre

The cast take to the Royal Mile to hand out flyers for their show
The cast take to the Royal Mile to hand out flyers for their show

A GROUP of talented young Fifers enjoyde the sweet taste of success this summer at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Nine young people, aged 15-26, challenged themselves to put together a new production for the occasion.

Going by the name CrazySchemeTheatre, they worked together on all aspects of the production, ‘Stick Stock Stone Dead’ - from the writing and choreography to performing, financing and marketing with support from Youth Music Theatre Scotland (YMTS).

The cast included Paul Copland, Katie Forrest, Robert Forrest, Alex Horan, Rebecca Milne and Katherine Skene, who are all from Fife, and Fraser Morrison from Cumbernauld.

Amanda Stalker, from Kirkcaldy, directed, while Rebecca Petford from Dunfermline was the producer.

A spokesman for the group explained: “One company member was really keen to do a production at the Fringe and discussed the possibility with YMTS creative director Janet Robertson, who suggested ‘Stick Stock Stone Dead’ as a possible production.

“It was a new musical which had been written, reformed and recorded in a YMTS project wtih young people in Tolbooth, Stirling in 2011.

“When other company members heard of the opportunity to perform a new show at the Fringe they were very keen to get involved. It grew from there.”

Inspiration for the mproduction came from the music recorded during last year’s project, which was devised around the Brothers Grimm fairytale ‘The Juniper Tree’.

He continued: “We considered the lyrics and key themes in each of the songs, re-ordered them into our own storyline and devised all the acting and movement around the music.

“The experience of being part of the Fringe was fantastic - the atmosphere was incredible!

“Everyone had a really good time and it just made the whole experience wonderful - even when you were handing out flyers in the rain!

“We were nervous on the first night, but we knew that we had a lot of friends and family coming to see the show that night, which made us determined to put on a good show!”

Janet Robertson, YMTS creative director who supported the young peoples, said they hope to return to the Fringe next year.

She added: “I know that all the cast and production team involved this year really enjoyed themselves, felt they gained a lot from the experience and can’t wait to return!”