Fringe: Colin Cloud - a bona fide five-star show

Colin Cloud - Expose
Colin Cloud - Expose

The finale to Colin Cloud’s show is truly jaw dropping; a genuine ‘wow’ moment that will take your breath away.

Colin Cloud: Expose

Colin Cloud - Expose

Colin Cloud - Expose

Underbelly Med Quad

Rating *****

The finale to Colin Cloud’s show is truly jaw dropping; a genuine ‘wow’ moment that will take your breath away.

If ‘Expose’ was a movie, it’d climax with a full orchestral score as the credits scrolled across the final scene - but that moment takes place in a street somewhere in central Edinburgh.

Still, if anyone could conjure up such a backdrop at a random location outdoors, then it’s probably Colin Cloud.

He previewed Expose at the International Festival of Magic at Summerhall earlier this summer, but the version he is now delivering nightly at the Underbelly is actually quite different.

The finale remains the culmination of an extreme game of hide and seek which sees Colin turn into the pied piper and lead his audience of circa 250 people to a destination where he hopes to find the person with the antidote to the injection he has taken on stage.

By then he has already delved inside your mind and delivered its secrets to the audience.

The dreams and anecdotes his audience write on pieces of paper and put into a glass bowl remain folded up and untouched, and yet, as the show progresses, he nails them one after another.

How he deduces that, many years ago, one woman and her hubby smoked pot simply from getting her to stand and say ‘hello’ is a mystery, never mind pausing to ask ‘’was it in a brothel?’’

Yes, it was… see, careful what you write down!

The secrets and surprises continue to tumble from across the hall and from people at random

It’s fascinating, astonishing and hugely entertaining - he’s a great showman as well as a forensic analyst of minds; someone who reads people with such speed and insight it’s impossible to figure out how he does it … even when he shows you how it’s done, he’s still an enigma.

It doesn’t matter whether you sit in the front or back row - the random use of audience members and the inclusiveness of the show mean you can easily become part of Expose; that’s no mean feat given the six of the hall and the numbers he is now playing to every night.

But the bigger the stage, the better he gets.

This is a stunning show - a bone fide five-star show that will leave you talking for days.

And days.

Run ends August 28

Allan Crow