From Leven to Poland, Mach’s rail memories

Artist David Mach supports LMRC  '- FPA -
Artist David Mach supports LMRC '- FPA -

The Levenmouth Rail Campaign has gained the support of a Methil-lad turned world-famous artist.

Sculptor David Mach - who grew up in Aberhill - has lent his voice and backing to the campaign, which was launched last April.

Speaking to the Mail, David said: “This would be a brilliant thing - like unblocking the veins and letting the blood flow again.

“This area has been dead for a long time now, but there’s a whole lot of energy around this.”

Welcoming David on board, Levenmouth Rail Campaign (LMRC) secretary Ross Bennett said raising the profile of the campaign was the top priority ahead of the STAG appraisal being updated later this year.

The group launched a petition to call for a reinstatement of the line in 2014, and are hoping to gather more support over the coming months.

“This year is a very important one for the campaign. We really need to lift up the campaign and put the public heartbeat on it. We have a target of 10,000 signatures on the petition - right now we have 3000. We want to get that to ten thousand by the time the STAG has been carried out.

He added: “There are 50,000 people here who deserve better.”

Recalling his own memories of the original Leven rail line, David said: “I remember very distinctly when I was five, seeing the steam train coming in to Leven station and all the steam rushing onto the platform, and I clung to my dad and he said ‘Dinnae be scared’.

“Of course, my dad was Polish and we were heading to Poland for our first big trip, and it took three days of going all over the place - but we started from Leven.

“I remember sticking my head out of the window and getting the sparks in my face as we went over the Forth Road Bridge.

“It was the beginning of great adventures.”