From really rubbish to terrifically tidy!

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A crash helmet, a fishing rod, and a bag of clothes – just some of the rubbish which was cleared away by a group of hardy volunteers on Sunday morning.

The volunteers, many of them children, braved the damp weather at the weekend to clean up their community with a litter pick at Steelworks Brae in Methil.

The group of volunteers who helped clear Steelworks Brae in Methil on Sunday, March 30

The group of volunteers who helped clear Steelworks Brae in Methil on Sunday, March 30

And after just two hours of work, around 30 volunteers had managed to clear an impressive 120 bags of rubbish from the area.

The morning of action was organised by Methil Fire Station, and they were joined on the day by members from East Fife Youth Club, teachers and pupils from Buckhaven High School, community police officers and local councillors.

The efforts of all involved were highly praised by Stevie Thomson, station manager.

He said: “I thought it was fantastic the amount of people who turned up on not such a great morning, and Mother’s Day as well.

‘‘We had teachers and pupils from Buckhaven High, the Young Fifers and we were really chuffed to see local councillors as well.

‘‘Dave Paterson has also been a great support with helping to provide equipment for the day and I thought we made a cracking difference.

‘‘We didwhat we set out to do – clean the area up, get rid of stuff which could potentially be set fire to during the holidays and genuinely made a difference in the local area.”

Dave Paterson, area services manager at Fife Council, was there to help out. He said it’s something they would like to see more of across Levenmouth.

“It was a very good result in terms of the amount of waste we managed to lift, and it’s made a real physical difference to the area – it’s definitely an approach we would like to do in the future.

‘‘CLEAR are already doing a lot in the way of this, as well as ‘Take a Pride in Levenmouth’, and although this was a one off with the fire service, we have the framework and the equipment, so now we just need the volunteers.”

Four local councillors were there to give a helping hand – Tom Adams, Alistair Hunter, Charles Haffey and Jim Young – and all praised the effort put in by those members of the community who had given their time to the Clean Up campaign.

Cllr Adams said: “I thought the turn out was extraordinary for a Sunday morning – it’s been a cold damp day, but we had so many volunteers turn up, especially young kids.

‘‘The variety of rubbish which was picked up was quite amazing, but I’m really pleased that we all came along.”

His sentiments were echoed by Cllr Haffey who added: “I’m delighted with the turnout and locally it will be a project that we can continue to hold.

‘‘It was fantastic to have the support of the Fire and Resuce Service.”

After the litter pick, all of the volunteers were treated to a buffet and refreshments at Methil Fire Station.