From the High street to the i-street in Kirkcaldy

The BID team at the launch of Social i-street
The BID team at the launch of Social i-street

Kirkcaldy is the first town in Scotland to adopt a unique digital and social media service that will benefit businesses in the town as well as shoppers planning to visit.

‘Social i-street’ launches this month and will see a “Brand Maker” visiting businesses within the town’s business improvement district on a weekly basis.

They will capture content primarily based on news, events and offers.

It will then be shared via a new website, www.kirkcaldy4, and on key social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

It ensures that businesses are able to share content via digital and social media channels as well as engage and interact with shoppers.

The project has already proved successful in Perth City Centre.

Kirkcaldy4All has adopted the service with the aim of continuing to promote Kirkcaldy as a place where people want to work, shop and to spend their leisure time.

Bill Harvey, Kirkcaldy4All manager, said: “Much of our work to date has been about improving the physical environment and we have delivered a great many projects to that end.

“Social media has exploded. It is driven by customer expectation and provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses.

“We want to ensure we are at the leading edge for the benefit of the community.”

“We looked at a number of different options for Kirkcaldy,” Bill continued.

“The ‘Social i-street’ service stood out as the one that best supports businesses on the ground as well as customers living in and around the town or planning to visit us.

“We are really delighted to be the first BID in Scotland to take this exciting step.”

Simon Baldwin, a consultant with DestinationCMS which will deliver the service, said: “It is important to engage with customers, for the promotion of destinations and for the support of businesses at a local level.

“We are delighted that Kirkcaldy has become Scotland’s first BID to sign up.”

Brigid Doherty MacPherson BID manager added: “The BID’s key objectives include the promotion of the town centre, attracting more visitors, raising its profile and supporting businesses.

“The ‘Social i-street’ service supports us on all of those fronts and it means we will have a much better digital and social media presence to shout about Kirkcaldy going forward.”

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