From The Jam set for Kirkcaldy date

From the Jam
From the Jam

It’s been over 30 years since punk rockers The Jam split, but the sounds of the band are still loved by many around the world.

And tonight (Friday, June 19) a Kirkcaldy audience will be able to hear those sounds live, with a bit of a difference, as From The Jam play the Windsor Hotel.

Bruce Foxton, original bassist with The Jam, and vocalist and guitarist Russell Hastings return to Fife for the acoustic gig at the Victoria Road venue.

The pair are looking forward to the date. Bruce told the Press: “We love playing Scotland. I enjoy playing wherever we are to honest, but the crowds are great up there.”

This latest gig in the Kingdom – From The Jam have played in Dunfermline in recent years – has been organised by local promoters, Rubber Stamp Promotions.

But tomorrow’s gig is something a little different for fans.

“It’s an acoustic show,” explained Bruce.

“ It will be different from the full blown band gigs.

“We’ve been doing quite a few different ones around the country.

“They have gone down really well.

“I was a bit apprehensive to start with wondering how is it going to go down.

“But it’s been amazing for me to see the reaction of the crowds.

“Some of them have been as wild as when we’ve got the full blown band.

“All of the Jam songs can be played on an acoustic guitar, which is testament to a good song.

“So it works and I’m right into it now.

“I was used to the power of the band behind me, but I’m really liking the acoustic sound just now.”

So what can people expect to hear at the Lang Toun gig?

“All the Jam back catalogue can be played acoustically, so we’ll be doing the hits and some album tracks and a few other acoustic tunes we’ve never played live,” he said.

Bruce said it’s “exciting” to be back on the road. He said: “I still really enjoy it. I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t enjoy it.

“It’s a bit harder, travelling was never easy, even in the heyday when we were that bit younger.

“It’s quite tiring but as we’re physically able to do it we’ll carry on for as long as we can.

“There’s a demand there and it’s getting bigger up and down the country. As long as people still want us to do it and we are able to then we will.”

Given the length of time it’s been since The Jam were in their hey day, how have the audiences changed?

“It’s a real cross section,” said Bruce, who went on to enjoy a solo career following The Jam’s split.

“There’s people around about my age downwards, but not many upwards!

“There are those sons and daughters that have got in to the Jam’s music by the parents and others who have heard the music over the years.

“The audience is really varied, it’s not just the loyal fans coming to see us.”

The local gig comes ahead of Bruce and Russell’s new album, ‘Smash The Clock’, which is due to be released later this year.

It comes two years after the critically acclaimed ‘Back In The Room’ album.