From uppercuts to hair cuts

Thomas Brunton (picture by Walter Neilson)
Thomas Brunton (picture by Walter Neilson)

One young Leven man is proving to be at the cutting edge of his career.

When he left school at 16, Thomas Brunton had hoped to find an engineering apprentice but despite many tries he had no luck.

He had shown no interest in following mum Dawn’s profession as hairdresser but when she suggested he give training as a barber a go, he decided it was better than nothing.

It was a good decision as it turned out Thomas (20) is a natural.

He’s never looked back and now has customers coming from all over Fife to the barber shop he runs inside his mum’s hair salon, Jathro’s, in College Street.

But his skill with the clippers is not his only success with his hands.

“I boxed for a few years at Denbeath boxing club, won a national title and loved it,” he said.

“I was doing well but it’s a sport that needs 100% of your attention and commitment. I stopped about a year ago to really focus on barbering.”

While his customers may be impressed by his care and attention, getting a style just right is the part of the creative process that Thomas loves.

“The styles coming in are old classics and are becoming more popular,” Thomas said.

He also thinks that young men in particular are taking much more interest in how their hair looks and want a definite style rather than just a five-minute cut.

“I take my time and take care with every cut and I think that shows,” he said.

It is not only classic old hair cuts that Thomas is recreating for his on-trend contemporary clients.

“I’m also doing shaving with a cut-throat straight razor,” he said.

“My mum, who is a qualified hairdressing assessor, trained in it a few years back and was able to teach me - it was a bit nerve-wracking the first time.”

While Thomas is tapping into the past for some of his styles, his business acumen is bang up to date.

“I use a lot of social media to promote the barber shop and Instagram has helped a lot with spreading the word about the shop,” he said.