Frustration over state of Glenrothes path

The path runs between Whinnyknowe and southern Balgeddie.The path runs between Whinnyknowe and southern Balgeddie.
The path runs between Whinnyknowe and southern Balgeddie.
Green Belt has been criticised over its maintenance of a Glenrothes woodland walk.

Kevin Shanks (44) claims he has been contacting the organisation since 2017 over the state of a path which runs between Whinnyknowe and southern Balgeddie.

He says the path has gone to “wrack and ruin”, with bushes and trees overgrowing, making the path inaccessible.

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“The path is over-run by weeds and jaggy bushes,” he said. “You can’t walk on the path. You are forced to walk on the mud. A big section of it is just a marsh now – you can’t use it,” he explained.

Kevin says the poor condition of the walk means families, pensioners and walkers can no longer us it.

He added he had been in contact with Fife Council and local councillors, as well as Green Belt, since 2017, but that “none of them seem to be doing much”.

He continued: “A small amount of work would make this path walkable and make it so everyone could use it. We’re going to have a walk that no one can use.”

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Green Belt said it had agreed a maintenance programme with Fife Council last year, and that it had been carrying out its part of the work. It said it had cut back encroaching vegetation on its side of the footpath, as well as carrying out other work.

Stephen Duffy, Fife Council team manager for parks, streets and open spaces, said: “We’ll arrange a site meeting with the resident to clarify the area in question. This will allow us to take any concerns forward and agree a plan of action.