Fuel poverty households to benefit from £1.4m fund

Homeowners face ever rising fuel bills
Homeowners face ever rising fuel bills

Home owners and landlords battling fuel poverty look set to benefit from a £1.4 million Scottish Government fund in Fife.

The grant, which has been awarded to Fife Council, is part of a new Home Energy Efficiency Programme (HEEPS).

Councillor David Ross, executive spokesman for housing, communities and local services said: “We are working on how best to use this much needed money and will release more information about how people can take advantage of it as soon as we can.’’

He added: “We want to make sure it is targeted to those who need it most.

‘‘We know that there are many people in Fife who struggle to pay their escalating fuel bills.

“Eradicating fuel poverty is a huge challenge but one the Council is committed to tackling in a range of different ways working with a range of different partners.”

The fund, which was formerly known as the National Retrofit Programme, has awarded £30 million to local authorities across Scotland, and Fife Council is currently working on a proposal for part of an additional £30 million.

According to the campaign group National Energy Action, just over 40 per cent of Scottish households are categorised as being in fuel poverty.