Full steam ahead for a ‘Titanic’ exhibition

Mr Ward at Rimbleton P.S. Titanic exhibition.
Mr Ward at Rimbleton P.S. Titanic exhibition.

A descendant of one of the celebrated ‘band that played on’ as the ‘Titanic’ sank is to feature in the exhibition marking the centenary of the disaster in Glenrothes, reports MIKE DELANEY.

And organisers of the two week event, which will open on April 7, are also appealing for volunteers to ‘man the decks’.

The exhibition will feature the first public display of the memoirs written by the Countess of Rothes aboard the ship which had rescued her from the lifeboat in which she had taken shelter after the ‘unsinkable’ liner sank after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic on April 14, 1912.

It will also serve as the latest step toward the creation of a Glenrothes and Area Heritage Centre.

The exhibition will be staged in the same Kingdom Centre unit where GAHC held a pilot project two years ago, which attracted around 12,000 visitors during its four-week run.

It will feature other archive material, photographs and contemporary film footage, much of it from the Leslie family’s archives.

GAHC foundress, Linda Ballingall, said: “I have also been in touch with Christopher Ward, grandson of John Law Hume, the first violinist on the ‘Titanic’.

“Christopher has confirmed that he will re-visit Glenrothes to be one of the keynote speakers at the receptions being organised.”

Mr Ward visited a Glenrothes school recently and did a presentation on his famous ancestor to pupils.

Linda added: “We have been in touch with Rimbleton Primary regarding using some of the paintings the pupils have created for their own ‘Titanic’ project.

“Although we have volunteers, you can never have enough willing hands - so anyone interested in volunteering during April and May should contact our website.

“Details of the exhibition has now been posted on the GAHC website.”

It can be found at: www.glenrothesheritage.co.uk