Funding cuts, fears for future but baby group vows to fight

Louise Morris, teen parent worker
Louise Morris, teen parent worker
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A parent and toddler group aimed at young parents has vowed it will survive, in spite of funding cuts casting doubts on its future.

The Linktown Young Parents’ Group, which meets every Thursday at the Philp Hall, was set up by the Gingerbread charity to provide help and support for those going through pregnancy and having babies at a young age.

Linktown Young Parents Group

Linktown Young Parents Group

But its future looked uncertain after Gingerbread said there was not enough money to keep the groups going after September when the current funds run out.

However members of the popular group, which started up in June last year, have vowed to try to keep it going themselves if a grant application for funding from the Big Lottery is not successful.

Louise Morris (pictured) is the teen parent worker who helped set up the Kirkcaldy group.

She said: “Teenage parents can often feel very isolated and feel they are being judged by others. This is why the group originally started with just one or two mums who wanted to get together for help and support and to allow their babies to meet others.

“It started with referrals from health visitors but quickly grew through word of mouth and now we average around 20 parents each week, with both mums and dads often coming along.

“Everyone says they really enjoy it and it gets them and their children out of the house and mixing with others. It is a very sociable group and everyone helps everyone else.”

Members pay 50 pence each week which covers the cost of the hall hire and teas and coffees. But the majority of the toys and equipment have been donated by members themselves.

“We are waiting to find out if we have secured Big Lottery funding, but if it doesn’t happen then there is the potential for the group to continue running on its own with some training for existing members and introducing a charge to cover the costs,” she added.