Funding to help clear blots on the landscape

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TWO local projects have been given a cash boost to kick illegal fly-tipping into touch.

Cambo Estate at Kingsbarns and CLEAR in Buckhaven have secured funding from Zero Waste Scotland to counter dumping of rubbish in two areas.

The money will be used by environmental group CLEAR to reclaim a piece of neglected land in College Street, Buckhaven.

It plans to clear away the waste, plant trees and shrubs and create paths to encourage community use of the space.

“Through this grant, CLEAR will be able to design the orchard space, provide the necessary plants and materials, and if required, take responsibility for managing this space for the benefit of the community,” said project co-ordinator Neil Stoddart.

Even with fly-tipping, CLEAR has started planting, with apple trees in the area already bearing fruit.

“This project will provide an attractive space for local residents to sit and enjoy, as well as an outdoor classroom resource for the local primary school.”

Neil is hoping other local groups or individuals will feel free to get involved and help share the development.

The project at Kingsbarns is to restore community pride in a local woodland by removing a build-up of household and garden waste and clearing the vegetation.

Struan Erskine, from the Cambo Estate, said: “The funding will be used to hire a mini-digger and clear the heaps of garden and other rubbish which is causing substantial damage to the old stone walls.

“This area has been the focus of several volunteer schemes in the past year including BTCV Green Gym, local volunteers and Kingsbarns Primary School, and a group from Waid Academy in Anstruther, and great improvements to this popular woodland walk have been made.”

Iain Gulland, Director, Zero Waste Scotland, said: “Mindless dumping blots the landscape, can be hazardous to the public, and can discourage business investment into an area. It sees valuable resources which could be recycled go to waste and it creates a problem for someone else to deal with.”