Funds will help food bank do more good in Leven

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Organisers at Leven’s Foodbank say thousands of pounds worth of council funding will help to utilise the service better.

Last Wednesday, councillors at the Levenmouth Area Committee meeting approved funding worth £8100 to help the food bank to employ a part time coordinator who will help to organise and structure the way that the body works.

This total is added to £7000 which has been contributed by the local churches which are involved.

However, councillors have been clear that the funding will be a one off.

Alison Nelson, convenor of the food bank and one of around 50 volunteers, said although they were not surprised with demand, it became clear a member of staff was required.

“We realised that it was quite an onerous task. We knew the demand was there, that’s why we started it, and although it was slow to begin with, we have already fed 100 adults and 35 children, which, considering we’re only open for two hours two days a week, puts it into perspective.

“Now that we have a coordinator, it enables us to really focus on the best way to utilise the food bank and work in partnership with other agencies, because we don’t just want to give out food, we want to help people if there’s a bigger need there.”

Commenting at last week’s meeting, Cllr David Alexander said: “I’m all for the food bank, but I would like to see their business plan, because what happens when we come to March and they have to go through all of this again?”

Cllr Tom Adams added: “I support the food bank 100 per cent but I think it’s shocking that we have to have one in the first place. I do support it, but with a little trepidation over what will happen next year.”