Future is green for new allotments

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LEVENMOUTH should be in for a green spring after two new growing spaces, one in East Wemyss and one in Buckhaven, opened for planting.

After four years of planning, a new allotment site has finally opened in East Wemyss and plots are filling up fast.

The idea was originally put forward by East Wemyss Community Council, which found strong support among residents.

The new site features 22 plots and three steel sheds, one of which will be used as a meeting place.

Tricia Wallace of the East Wemyss Allotment Steering Group said she and the other gardeners were thrilled to be on the site at last and were now busy preparing for the growing season.

She added: “I’ve got my bench there and a few fruit bushes from my garden on my plot. I’m planning to start by growing potatoes which are good for the soil and then I think it will be a year of experimenting.”

Ms Wallace will be joined by other gardeners and East Wemyss Primary School, who have taken a community plot.

Local charity CLEAR has also been hard at work preparing its new allotment site on Burns Avenue for planting.

The charity will hold a garden open day and local food event to celebrate both the new growing spaces and provide new gardeners with practical tips on how to get started.

‘Working up an Appetite’ will be held at the Burns Avenue growing space at on March 24, with registration beginning at 10am.

For details, contact Judith McGowan on 07546 421 127 or email clearorchard@rocketmail.com.